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In the 11 years since the Point Cruz (CVE 119) was first commissioned, the overall command of the ship has changed many times. Four times also, the Point Cruz has been the flagship of some operation, and we have men of Flag rank aboard. These are the men who probably know more about the trials and tribulations of this ship than anyone else. Who were they and when did they serve?


              COMMANDING OFFICERS                                                                  ADMIRALS and COMMAND

        (Name)            (Date took Command)                                                  (Name)              (Date took Command)


CAPT. Douglas T. Day        16 Oct. 1945                                                 RADM C. E. Ekstrom          18 Dec. 1953

                                                                                                             ComCarDiv 17

CAPT. Donald S. McMahan  27 Nov. 1946                                               

                                                                                                          RADM. J. S. Russell            27 Apr. 1954

CDR. William A. Smyth      22 Apr. 1947                                                     ComCarDiv 17


CAPT. Horace Butterfield  26 Jul.  1951                                                 RADM. W. F. Rodee          1   Aug. 1954

                                                                                                             ComCarDiv 15

CAPT. J. W. Davidson            Dec.1951

                                                                                                         RADM. W. M. Nation          14 Sep. 1955

CAPT. C. C. Marcy                 Nov.1952                                                    ComCarDiv 15


CAPT. J. T. Hayward              Jul. 1953


CAPT. F. J. Brush              17 May 1954


CAPT. A. R. Matter            14 Aug. 1955